Staten Island Cub Scout Packs

Find a Pack using the list below or click on a pin point near you in the map provided and follow the link for more info about your local Cub Scout Pack.

Questions about how to start a new pack?
Email: Monica Rodriguez - Field Director


🔷Boy Pack || 🔶Dens for Boys or Girls

🔶 Pack 1 - Mondays at 6:30PM
St Christopher Roman Catholic Church

🔷 Pack 2 - Fridays at 7:00PM
Immanuel Union Church

🔶 Pack 4 - Wednesdays at 7:00PM
St Joseph St Thomas Roman Catholic Church

🔷 Pack 5 - Fridays at 7:00PM
Our Lady Star Of The Sea

🔷 Pack 6 - Fridays at 7:30PM
Eltingville Lutheran Church

🔷 Pack 8 - Mondays at 7:30PM
Messiah Lutheran Church

🔶 Pack 13 - Thursdays at 7:00PM
Woodrow United Methodist Church

🔶 Pack 19 - Fridays at 7:00PM
Calvary Presbyterian Church

🔶 Pack 24 - Tuesdays at 6:00PM
Group Of Citizens Of New Dorp

🔷 Pack 25 - Fridays at 7:00PM
Church of St Patrick

🔷 Pack 26 - Mondays at 7:00PM
Castleton Hill Moravian Church

🔶 Pack 27
Oakwood Heights Community Congregational Church

🔷 Pack 37
Saint Teresa's Roman Catholic Church

🔶 Pack 41 - Fridays at 7:30PM
St Clare RC Church

🔷 Pack 43
St Johns Episcopal Church

🔶 Pack 74 - Mondays at 7:00PM
Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church

🔶 Pack 76 - Fridays at 6:30PM
Christ Church New Brighton

🔷 Pack 77
Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish

🔷 Pack 85 - Tuesdyas at 7:00PM
St. Sylvester R.C. Church

🔶 Pack 88 - Fridays at 7:00PM
St. Charles R.C. Church

🔷 Pack 118 - Thursdays at 6:30PM
Staten Island Jewish Community Center

🔶 Pack 132 - Fridays at 7:00PM
Holy Child RC Church

🔶 Pack 150
Concerned Parents Of Great Kills

🔷Pack 160 - Fridays at 7:30PM
Immanuel Lutheran Church

🔶Pack 168
Church of St Roch

🔶Pack 222 - Fridays at 7:30PM
Aspen Knolls Clubhouse

NYC Cub Scouts discover the world around them through an exciting community focused program. Camping, field trips and activities give children opportunities to explore the world in their city. Scouting facilities located in and around NYC create chances for Scouts and their families to get outside and have an adventure at special events throughout the year, including summer camp!