After hearing feedback from our community and evaluating our programs and mission statement, the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of America voted unanimously to welcome girls to our iconic programs. 

Our chartered partner organizations are encouraged to select if a pack that consists girl dens and boy dens, remaining an all-boy pack, or starting a new all girl Cub Scout pack works best for their institution. 

Scouting values and activities develop character and leadership qualities.  Our programs, the Scout Oath, and Scout Law are as relevant and helpful for girls as they have been for boys. 


Spring Early Adopters

The official launch of the Family Scouting pack model will coincide with the kick-off of the next program year (September 2018). Due to demand a soft launch will allow for early adopter Packs this Spring.

In order to participate as an early adopter chartered partners and unit leaders confirm interest and agree to use the family pack model, and that they will:
⦁ Register a minimum of four girls into an existing pack
⦁ Use the current Cub Scouting program and resources
⦁ Uphold membership policies
⦁ Provide input and feedback about their activities and experiences to help improve the formal roll-out; this information may also be used in marketing and earned media outreach
⦁ Register their youth online for data collection

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More Info:

A video detailing the Spring Early Adopters option is available at access it with code F@mily4UnitLeaders. The national resource page for the packs following the family scouting model.